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The search for lunch in Barcelona

As Lester and I were the earliest 2 to arrive, we went for a walk after checking in to the hotel. We were hungry and without thinking of what to eat, both were thinking of the same thing, ‘let’s check out their McDonalds!’. We took the subway to the city. That’s Lester checking out maps […]

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We Are The Judges!

Pt.1: Hello Paris! Hello Helsinki! Pt.2: First meeting with Ms.Helsinki Pt.3: CityCenter & Stockmann in Helsinki Pt.4: Streets In Helsinki Pt.5: Nokia Store, Cafe In The Park & Exploring Helsinki Pt.6: First Dinner In Finland! Pt.7: Visit to Nokia House in Helsinki, Finland Pt.8: The bridge, the room & the wall of Nokia phones Pt.9: […]

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Birthday Lunch At Antipodean

Few months back.. in March.. (aahh so long ago) my colleagues and I went to Antipodean for my birthday lunch. Woohoo! Some food we ordered. Kinda forgot the names LOL Never miss a group shot 😛 Then they all passed me presents you! Thanks all for sharing! Happy moment. LOL Another shot outside! Back to […]

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Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel

Part 1: To Hongkong I Go! After checking in to our hotel rooms, the organisers brought us to Disneyland Hotel (which was next door) for lunch! So excited.. first time stepping into the awesome hotel in Disneyland lol The lobby.. spot the ol skool elevator yo! Lunch was at this chinese restaurant called Crystal Lotus […]

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