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7 Degrees in Macau

After Stanley Waterfront, we took the ferry to Macau.. cos my cousin and aunt havent been there before. At the immigration counter.. checkout the temperature reading.. 7 degrees!!! Woot! hahhhsahah yes it was super cold indeed as it was raining that day.. We took one of the free bus rides to Lisboa casino and walked […]

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HK Update: 7’C in Macau

Ahhhh 2nd last day in Hongkong already! Flying back to Malaysia on 17th Feb. Today we went to Stanley Market. It’s a tourism spot and there were many tourists there buying stuff like jades, beads, silk and clothes. In the evening, we went over to Macau… it was freezing cold there! Strong wind + rain… […]

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Goodbye Macau

First of all, I’d like to say this… I’VE PASSED THE 2ND AUDITION!!!!!!! .. and I am now one of the top 30 participants of the photography-themed reality show, Double Exposure, organised by Sony! (this competition was opened for anyone.. even those who doesnt own any cameras.. lol..) What will the winner get? Sony Alpha […]

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Try or DIE!

We continued walking down the road. We saw more things… we snapped more. There were actually people who stood by the road side and letting people try their products… “Come try our biscuits…” “Come try our egg tarts…” … but if you dont try….. bad things will happen. You will die. LOLOLOL kidding. 😀 5 […]

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BBQ Grilled Meat

Here goes our camera phone shoot out all the way out from St Paul’s ruins area. Melvin’s digicam ran out of battery and I didnt bring my dslr… thats why we utilised our phone cameras. We kept snapping everything we saw while walking out… nice or not nice photo.. don care.. lol Somehow I like […]

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Last day in Macau!

After taking the glowing macau shots, we went for supper at McD. Upon entering I thought to myself… maybe they have some new selections which are not available in Malaysia… and yes.. they did! Try to look closely in this photo and see if you can spot any new stuff. The next day… which was […]

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