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Raygun’s Double Duty

Woke up today and started getting lots of Tweets informing me about my appearance in The Star newspaper today. I then rushed to office and grabbed a copy of it and saw myself in there. Thanks to The Bangsar Boy [Click on images to enlarge] I still remember the first time I appeared on R.age. […]

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Stuff Anniversary

3 months ago Stuff Magazine had their anniversary event at Zouk KL. We also went to busybody a bit. We arrived on time… at about 8pm… The moment we entered, there were already some activities goin on… guitar hero. hehe We actually met up with Evo and Selena before entering Zouk.. went for mamak while […]

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NewYork NewYork

Fuah…. Lee Chong Wei lost again… what a pOpcrap. POPCRAP 1 This morning I received a package from the postman… it was my monthly subscription of IDN magazine. POPCRAP 2 I went for lunch at New York New York deli today at 1U… the food there damnnnnnnn sedap! 😀 POPCRAP 3 3 months ago Darren […]

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I’m on Stuff Magazine!

One of Britney’s song “If You Seek Amy” has a hidden meaning. Read it quickly and it becomes “f u c ….. me”. That’s one good CRAP! POPCRAP 1 I’m on the latest issue of Stuff magazine! lol POPCRAP 2 I watched Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li & Watchmen today. STREET FIGHTER I had […]

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