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Merdeka Train Party

Remember KL Freeze? The same people behind the random act came up with another cool flash mob thingymajig to celebrate Malaysia’s 52nd Independence Day. It’s called the Merdeka Train Party. I had super great fun just now. ahhaa basically, this was the plan: 200 people – decorate 7 monorails with ribbons, stencils, spraypaints, stickers, malaysia […]

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Nokia 5800 Launch Event

9th of January was the day the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was launched in KL. They had an event at the main entrance of Pavilion. I was invited to the event and also the after party session at La Bodega. I was late to the event as I had to shoot one of the episodes of […]

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Leaving the Parade

This is the last part of Merdeka Parade. Here’s a policeman for you. Somehow this reminds me of Pied Piper… anyone know the story? Google it if you dont. ehheeh Now you tell me. Does this scene… reminds you… of anything? >.< They resemble those little army toys in Toy Story. If only I can […]

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This is part 2 of Independence Day Parade 08. After resting, we looked for things to shoot again… thanks Rames for this photo. Suddenly everyone pointed their cameras to the sky… brap brap brap brap ROFLCOPTER! Love this pic… mummy i love you can?! Richard found himself a new friend. LOL I then took more […]

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