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Let me tell you guys a fairytale about a princess who lived in a faraway land long long time ago. Ehem… here goes! Long long time ago… in a far far faraway land, lived a beautiful princess…… oh its POPCRAP time.. let’s start! 😀 POPCRAP 1 Last week, the siao gang went jalan-jalan at the […]

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Black white n blue

For those of you who wants satelite view maps…. then get the Nokia Maps 2.0.. its still in Beta tho.. Click the image to read more. ok now for a different approach. I did a few things to these photos below. 1. Converted them to black n white. 2. Adjusted brightness and contrast. 3. Added […]

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Fine Dining

… and so we settled down at the restaurant at about 7pm and waited for the food servers to come and take down our orders. The guy came quite fast actually. we then ordered and the guy left our table. then we talked and talked and talked… and after 30 minutes, there was still no […]

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Searching for food

but if I lazy to go then no lor.. lol at about 630 that day, we gathered at the hotel lobby and started walking in a big group to our eating place. eat where? dono… cos the Nokia crew dowan tell.. ahahahhaa “we will be walking in groups, guided by a marshall which will be […]

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