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Beercan Chill Patrol

Went for a full day shoot today.. omg tiring can! POPCRAP 1 Went to Jusco with mum the other day and as we were leaving I spotted the Starbucks Chill Patrol. Camho! POPCRAP 2 Got myself a new toy! Well, a legendary toy to be exact. Finally purchased the Minolta Beercan for my Alpha… after […]

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My New Tamron Lens!

Just now after work… at about 630pm… was driving in the rain… so heavy I could barely see the car in front of me. Sky was dark… clouds were scary.. I so wanted to be at home…. but I stayed on the road…. I stayed on and forced myself through the vehicles honking one another […]

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My new lens!

Hello people… i’m proud to announce that I have a new lens… aaahhaha My 50mm f1.7 is nice… produces nice bokeh, very bright… but it’s not wide enough to take portraits of few people… and it cannot even fit 2 faces when I snap my friends across the table during meals. So I got this […]

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DoublExposure Jump

“POPCRAP is the next best thing after POPCORN” POPCRAP 1 Went to KLPF today for the Sony Double Exposure audition and I made it thru the 1st round! Look at all the brands…. Eventhough Nikon has a lot of yellow boards up… but I dare to say… the one that attract ppl’s attention is the […]

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Malacca Jump

As we were shooting n walking, we finally got back to the starting point, the red house / stadhuys. The other teams also got back there at the same time. David was from the other teams. First time meeting him, he told me he reads my blog. Woot! Hello there Cw and his teammates were […]

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My new 50mm

Introducing my new toy. The Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7 Got it right before I went to LookOut Point last last saturday. (To Furkids: I still want the 30mm 1.4 ok? I’ll sell this off right after I come back from meeting you :D) Haven’t really use this 50mm lens yet… so don’t have much […]

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