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Wet Hongkong

After having lunch and shopped a bit in the mall, we wanted to walk about but realised it was raining heavily outside… so we stayed in the mall a bit… but knowing we only had a few hours left in HK, we struggled to cross the road and then couldn’t find anything interesting. On the […]

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Sizzling Pepper Beef

Right after we arrived at Mongkok we went to the mall and looked for food. Mum suggested the food junction since the food there all like not bad. Got a lot of food there that is not available here in KL… but the price… -___-” can die. Damn a lot of ppl ordered this.. so […]

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Macau to Hongkong

On the 2nd day of my Macau trip, we went to Hongkong. It was my first time taking turbo jet.. so a bit jakun dat day lol The ride cost about RM140 for one way… I think it’s quite expensive. What say you? This is the interior. Very comfy… but then I thought for the […]

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