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Movie Time On Cny3

So on the 3rd day of CNY this year.. which was like 4 months ago, we went for movie. Day 3 has always been a ‘movie outing day’ for our family lol (These photos were taken using the Galaxy Nexus.. sucky camera under low light pfft) So we started off our day with breakfast at […]

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Chor 3, Movie + Meetup

Chor 3.. or 3rd day of Chinese New Year has been a movie day for my family since I was a kid. It’s like a tradition that runs in the family lol. So as usual, we picked this CNY movie to watch at MidValley. It was damn packed but luckily I bought the tickets 2 […]

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Otak-Otak Step Up Screening!

Sometime back Advertlets organised a screening of Step Up at Tropicana City Mall. Before the movie we all went dinner at Otak Otak Place. Some stuff we had… Typical Malaysian food yo! Best. After dinner we all went to the cinema to collect tickets and camho camho camho. Camho non stop lah! Spotted some hamsap […]

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Back from Step Up 3 Screening!

Thanks Advertlets for the movie! Storyline was okay.. very predictable.. I find the movie rather short… but the dance moves were AWESOME! If you love dancing and love seeing people dance.. this IS the movie for you. Before the movie, we all went dinner at Otak Otak Place. Then we all met up outside the […]

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