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The Human Tripods In Barcelona

A little bit more photos from the photowalk in Barcelona. Carla being tempted with cute food. Very nice dinner at night at Placa Reial. Here’s how the city looks like at night. At night, we went to the Nokia party! Big Nokia is big. More photos next! We visited the Apple store & more!

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Coffee From The Browser Guys

After we were done with the Nokia keynote and checking out the new devices, we walked around to look at what other giants were releasing that day. Some photos of the sections. All gadget reviews are on The crowd was massive at all the booths! Gotta pose a bit at events like this lol […]

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Cafe Hopping in Barcelona

So we walked and walked and decided to just cafe hop. While looking for awesome recommendations on Foursquare, we say this! Quite impressive looking coliseum. Then both Lester and I stopped on the street. Looking shocked. Cos someone hung a big white apple on that building. Stopped by the MWC venue to check out the […]

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Exploring the streets of Barcelona

After we were done with McDonald’s, we decided to just roam around town to check out the streets and surroudings. I looked up and saw this. Fuh! That’s Lester, walking very quickly lol I then stopped him to help me take this shot. I actually stood here for like 10 minutes to wait for the […]

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