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Parra Aino Wedding

POPCRAP 1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Just came back from a full day shoot of Darren and Eva’s wedding day. Here’s a photo from the morning session. High key wedding shoot. Heh. More photos in February! POPCRAP 2 I got the Sony Ericsson Aino for review recently and here’s a shot of it along with the Nokia N96 […]

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Nokia N96 Jump

This is the final post for N96 Launch event So it was my turn to play Asphalt 3D using the N96. Nothing much to do after that… so I took more photos of the device itself. The N96 playing the promotional video, “Face The Task” Then talked abit with the N79 girl and asked her […]

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N96 launch event

This is part 2 of “N96 launch event” So after the big guy announced the N96 on stage, models came out holding the device showing off to everyone. The nokia managers joined them. During the event, there was band performances and booths for ppl to try out the Asphalt 3D game on the N96. A […]

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DoublExposure Jump

“POPCRAP is the next best thing after POPCORN” POPCRAP 1 Went to KLPF today for the Sony Double Exposure audition and I made it thru the 1st round! Look at all the brands…. Eventhough Nikon has a lot of yellow boards up… but I dare to say… the one that attract ppl’s attention is the […]

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My N96

Supposed to continue my Macau photos today but I cant wait to share some photos of my new toy with you guys.. hehe Let’s have a look at the device in closeup. It’s Nokia’s flagship device this year, continuing the greatness of the N95. It comes with 3G, Wifi, 16gb internal memory (and supports memory […]

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Me in Heroes

POPCRAP 1 Remember I told you I was in Heroes Season 3 Ep.00? Some of you asked when did I appear cos they couldnt find me in the video… ahhaha Here’s a shot of me in it. The exact time when I appeared was 3min 20sec. Go check it out… ahha it was shot during […]

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