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Nokia N96 Jump

This is the final post for N96 Launch event So it was my turn to play Asphalt 3D using the N96. Nothing much to do after that… so I took more photos of the device itself. The N96 playing the promotional video, “Face The Task” Then talked abit with the N79 girl and asked her […]

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Porsche Cayman Jump

Phew… finally 3 days of Double Exposure workshop has ended… starting now onwards it’s pure competition. Anyways, here are 2 photos from today. What are the chances of one being able to jump next to an RM700,000 Porsche Cayman with studio lights? Haha (Added to smashpOp Jumpilation) OK back to my posts. On 26th August, […]

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My N96

Supposed to continue my Macau photos today but I cant wait to share some photos of my new toy with you guys.. hehe Let’s have a look at the device in closeup. It’s Nokia’s flagship device this year, continuing the greatness of the N95. It comes with 3G, Wifi, 16gb internal memory (and supports memory […]

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Me in Heroes

POPCRAP 1 Remember I told you I was in Heroes Season 3 Ep.00? Some of you asked when did I appear cos they couldnt find me in the video… ahhaha Here’s a shot of me in it. The exact time when I appeared was 3min 20sec. Go check it out… ahha it was shot during […]

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Back from Nokia N96 Launch

OK its 1.21am now… very sleepy… ahha so i’ll make this a simple post ok? I was at the Nokia N96 launch dinner just now at Hilton KL. Here are some pics. (More pics at my Symbian blog) Nokia’s big boss introducing the new Nseries multimedia computer, N96. Seriously, I was forced to join the […]

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Japanese calls their wine “Sake”… but Koreans doesnt call it by the same name. They call it Popcrap. POPCRAP 1 Just came back from Wabisabi; Yakitori Bar, at Plaza TTDI. Was there for their 1st anniversary celebration aka free food & free flow of drinks party. ahahha As usual, 2 photos for now and detailed […]

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