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My New Nokia N97

The Search For N contest that was held on SymbianpOp since last month, has finally came to a finale. The 10 finalists raced their way to The Loaf, Pavilion just now and the earliest 6 finalists got an N97 each. Since I was the organiser of the contest, I got 1 too courtesy of Nokia. […]

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Chinatown Jump

I nearly forgot that I jumped at one of the walkways at Chinatown ahha. Another great jump added to the ultimate collection of smashpOp Jumps. I then went back to the hotel, showered, changed… and went out to meet up with a KL friend now studying in SG. I was at an MRT station when […]

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My N96

Supposed to continue my Macau photos today but I cant wait to share some photos of my new toy with you guys.. hehe Let’s have a look at the device in closeup. It’s Nokia’s flagship device this year, continuing the greatness of the N95. It comes with 3G, Wifi, 16gb internal memory (and supports memory […]

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Death Race & iPod Nano

Thanks Jimmy, Grace and Man Houw for sending me these smashpOp Jump pics. ME: Hi today i wanna tell you guys… FRIEND: Stop the crapping lah! ME: Ok ok here are today’s POPCRAP. POPCRAP 1 I went to watch Death Race today at Pavilion with MunKeat and Ser It’s better than I expected and somehow […]

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Searching for food

but if I lazy to go then no lor.. lol at about 630 that day, we gathered at the hotel lobby and started walking in a big group to our eating place. eat where? dono… cos the Nokia crew dowan tell.. ahahahhaa “we will be walking in groups, guided by a marshall which will be […]

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