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Fine Dining

… and so we settled down at the restaurant at about 7pm and waited for the food servers to come and take down our orders. The guy came quite fast actually. we then ordered and the guy left our table. then we talked and talked and talked… and after 30 minutes, there was still no […]

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Hyde Park

ok let’s continue our walk back from Darling Harbour bridge to the hotel can? I think this is York Street if im not mistaken.. ahaha the road in the city towards my hotel.. before reaching our hotel, we detoured to Hyde Park… which was just across the road. damn nice place… a lot of Sydney […]

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Sydney Jump

holla! its Monday again… so lets get back to our Sydney posts ok. On the 2nd day in Sydney, we decided to go around the city by ourselves (me n Paul) and the first thing we did was to look for food. lol we walked around and landed in this mall called TGV… see Paul […]

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Lunch at Darling Harbour

ok after checking in to our hotel, we got our media packs and our room keys. and this is my room. For a better view of my room and everywhere else, view this video I recorded using my N95. Love the room. Seriously. after settling down, we went out for lunch. We didnt know where […]

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