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Continuing from the previous post on pork noodle outing…. Adele suddenly took our her artsy pink frame specs and we all couldnt resist but to pose with it. LOL Here u go.. the pink people. Wah this last wan tak boleh tahan liao… kthxbye

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Christmas Noodle Giveaway?

THIS IS A NON HALAL POST. 3 months ago we suddenly had this crave for the famous pork noodle at SS15. I haven’t been there before so Jason Ong fetched me there along with Suet Mei. We then met up with Weiwei, Ewin, Candy, Adele and Simon. It is known that everyone has to wait […]

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Snowflake Noodle Pool

WARNING: This is a non halal post. Proceed only if you have an open mind. lol ———- Today is the last day of Hari Raya public holidays and since I havent been having any fun for the past 3 days (wedding photoshoots non stop),  I decided to go out with some friends for makan makan […]

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