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Delicious Posers

3 months ago all of us designers had a farewell dinner with our creative director at Delicious, Dua Residency. The dinner was about 730pm and some of us arrived early… Since the ambience was damn nice, we quickly took out our cameras and camho-d while waiting for the rest to arrive. Memememememe! lol Karen couldn’t […]

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Amazing Posers on Broga

I think we spent hours on Broga hill doing nothing but posing and camho. LOL… Behold… the amazing poser heroes from a faraway fantasy land. Super poser powers: Able to hold an Alpha photo taking machine while being taken photo of. Hmm.. Super poser powers: Smiling poses is his trademark. Killing everyone in sight. Hmm.. […]

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Goodbye Natalie

ok lets get back to our photoshoot in the office sempena Natalie’s last day at work. More people joined in the shoot 😀 Nat and the hemsem guys. Ah.. an individual shot with her before she leaves… argh.. miss u Natttttttt Peifeng pun mengambil kesempatan untuk bergambar dengan budak hemsem. ahahahaha kidding. Pohny got the […]

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2 gigantic photos

After lunching at Nandos… we went back to office. At about 5pm, we had a lil photoshoot there cos it was Natalie’s last day at work. Presenting you, 2 biggest photos in the whole history of Natalie, Peifeng, EeSze, Irene. and 1 more super big photo of me. lol oklah.. enough. ill continue with […]

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Redang Lean

Sadness! This is my last Redang post d…. so must see the fotos kao kao. ahha Let’s start off with something we havent seen for a while… the smashpOp Lean. This time Rames joined to lean as well. We then walked along the seaside to see what else we can shoot (wah i damn hem […]

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