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Railway Finale

so this is the last part of photos from the Railway photoshoot…. a bit berat hati.. sad… anyone wanna cry a bit to make it more dramatic? hahahaa well there r a lot more photos actually.. but i think ill post them nex time. sad. i got a few more nice pics of myself posing… […]

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The Perfect Shot

OMG I CANT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET… DAMN STREAMYX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DOING THIS POST FROM MY FREN’S HOUSE… which means there might not be a new post tomoro… sadnessssssssss ok back to the railway story.. so this is part 2… notice the different poses in this photo 🙂 so what could we possible do at the […]

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Railway Photoshoot

On saturday, I went for a photoshoot outing with a few frens. The theme was subways n corridors… n the location was around kl sentral n the old ktm station.(suggested by yipseng) So here goes… another photoshoot series, starting with the first part, I present you….. jeng jeng… .. THE RAILWAY PHOTOSHOOT SERIES! Featuring Albert, […]

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