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JJ in da house

Here’s the finale of Rynn Lim Concert. Ah Du left the stage and shortly, JJ jumped in and everyone cheered. lol He performed a song together with Rynn Lim and then proceeded with his own solo. The song ended with JJ intending to hug everyone lol. no la. anyways… watch this video I love this […]

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It’s Rynn!

stella: o.O eh, Rynn Lim concert begins, smashpop post end? =.=” pop, i want hk la…!! =P AngryYoungChild: haha yeah your hair damn long..Potong stim la your fast! pat: potong stim..XD ——- okok no more potong stim… here are the photos… and a video.. lol some say dono who Rynn Lim is…. then Ling […]

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Rynn Lim Concert

Hi all! I just came back from Hikaru’s birthday dinner at … Pasta Zanmai… 1U and erm…. Rynn Lim concert will only occupy 3 posts…. so… WE GO WATCH CONCERT OK? 😀 The concert was held at KL Convention Center… sponsored by Sony Album-T 10 Alpha DSLR users were selected to be the media to […]

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I won again

If you guys click to “GETITINYOURHEAD”, you will see Sony Walkman website…. with my face on it. heres a screenshot of it remember I reviewed the walkman like many many months back? I won first prize and I got the 4gb Violet Sony Walkman worth about 500 bux I went to Sony HQ to claim […]

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