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Curve Run

after siao a bit doing nothing, we went back to see the skaterz in action again. i like this photo. if you like too… say “aye!” random shot. ahhaa this one is my 2nd fav shot. if you like this one… say “aiyoyo!” met Jomi there…. ahaha he was holding his new Olympus SLR. 🙂 […]

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Quiksilver Revolution 2.0

I JUST CAME BACK FROM QUIKSILVER REVOLUTION 2.0 AT SUNWAY LAGOON! ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! ahahhaah *Thanks NigelSia for the tickets and thanks Albert for the beercan lens.* I’ll talk about it more after my Hongkong posts ok? in the meantime, let me show you 3 photos and 1 video that I took from the event just now. […]

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