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smashpOp PIMPS You! (2008)

Sample: JASON GOH ———————————————————– Copy this code and pass it to your friends so they can help you by putting the PIMP icon on SIDEBAR of their blogs. Remember to replace “YOUR NAME HERE” with your name. YOUR NAME HERE ———————————————————– To submit your entries or for more info on this, please click on the […]

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Urbanscapes Jump

Hello people. 21st July is coming. So here goes… OK at least those whom have been asking “whats that pimp thing?” gets a clearer picture now. Actually I wanted to wait til my Urbanscapes post then only I’ll put up this photo… but I cant wait lah… so put now la ok. hahaa Thanks JiokSwan […]

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Hungry Hancock

James Bond, Tony Stark and Clark Kent were subordinates of Mr.Xavier. One day, Mr. Xavier gave the 3 of them an assignment in an envelope. They 3 opened it and took out a piece of paper respectively. Mr. Bond’s paper says “Kill Clark Kent” Mr. Stark’s paper says “Kill James Bond” and Mr. Kent’s paper […]

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