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Let me tell you guys a fairytale about a princess who lived in a faraway land long long time ago. Ehem… here goes! Long long time ago… in a far far faraway land, lived a beautiful princess…… oh its POPCRAP time.. let’s start! 😀 POPCRAP 1 Last week, the siao gang went jalan-jalan at the […]

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Soh Hem Sem

Happy sunday people! 😀 Let’s have a look at todays POPCRAPs. POPCRAP 1 All my friends call me hemsem hemsem hemsem… but recently… I found someone also as Hemsem as me… Lemme introduce to you Mr. Soh Hem Sem. Seems like he’s always there at to show off his nicely groomed hair…. But don […]

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