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The All American Rejects!

Many have been commenting and saying that they wanna see more of MTV World Stage. Most of them want to see the All American Rejects… so today’s post is alllllllll about the Allllllll American Rejects! Check out my Twitter on the big big MTV screen at the concert yo! lol Here comes the photos of […]

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Leaving Summer Splash

Ok let’s get back to the summer splash photos. As I was leaving the area, I met Ewin. He just managed to enter when I was already leaving. ahahah he kept complaining that the crowd was crazy… hmm yes Ewin, been there. ahahhaa I also met Simon… the moment he came in, saw me leaving, […]

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Summer Hunks & Chiqs

ok here comes the Seventeen guys and girls.. I only manage to snap a few before I left the crowded surf beach. It started off with the guys coming out one by one to introduce themselves and perform stuff that was requested by the judges. This guy had to do push ups shirtless. The judges […]

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Last month, we all together gether went to the Roxy Summer Splash event at Sunway Lagoon. … but we all regretted going there…. … we all dono why we were there… … and we all hoped that we were somwhere else… why?… cos THE WHOLE WORLD WAS THERE! it was damn packed! the crowd was […]

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Kungfu Summer Splash

A group of friends went to an island for holidayssss…… and they had to spend a few days there eating seafood… which was good la of course. They all didn’t know that one of the guys was allergic to a particular kind of seafood. The guy refused to tell as he didn’t wanna make the […]

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Quiksilver Jump

OKAYYYYYYYYY final post about Quiksilver… woot! let’s see… after the skating session, I jumped. not long after that, it started to rain… so we ran away to find shelter. while waiting for a chance to leave the place and go dinner, we camho-d 😀 the rain stopped after we finish taking fotos.. (so ngam wor… […]

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