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Innov8 Run!

Yesterday I got an email from Sue… the thin girl from previous Samsung event (thats according to her la..) I need to see her in real life to know if she is really thin. Anyway, thats not the point. The point is that she sent me an invitation to join the Samsung Innov8 Run, in […]

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Japanese calls their wine “Sake”… but Koreans doesnt call it by the same name. They call it Popcrap. POPCRAP 1 Just came back from Wabisabi; Yakitori Bar, at Plaza TTDI. Was there for their 1st anniversary celebration aka free food & free flow of drinks party. ahahha As usual, 2 photos for now and detailed […]

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Hikaru Bday

last month we celebrated Hikaru’s bday at Pasta Zanmai at 1 Utama. We had some very nice soba n something else. lol each one of these was about 15 to 20 bux and miso soup was 6 bux. we then took photos among ourselevs of course. 😀 it was then time to sing bday song […]

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Finale HK

WE HAVE MADE IT IN TIME! TO COMPLETE THE HONGKONG POSTS BEFORE CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! WOOOOOOOOOT! deng deng deng…. last day in hongkong!! on the 5th day, we woke up early and walked to Timessquare to have breakfast in Delifrance. we had stuff like this… and this. then we walked back to hotel to pack […]

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