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All we need is some L.O.V.E

Last batch of photos from out Tanjung Sepat & Gold Coast outing with Siao Gang few months back. So it was sunset and we quickly took some photos before it turned dark. The smashpOp Jump Favorite shot! Never forget to capture the sunset though there was no sun haha Heart for you. Love for me. […]

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Pau Pau Pau Go Inside Mouth!

Continuing from my previous post… we had fun at Tanjung Sepat and Lover’s Bridge. We then posed a bit more before leaving. Joshua got himself a new pet! lol Then we went to search for the legendary famous pau there and found it! Pau in the process… We bought like 10s of the paus and […]

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SepatBoys & The Fishes!

This is part 2 of my Tanjung Sepat post. So on the wooden pathway to the jetty we took more photos. Posing and posing non stop. lol We’ve seen the girls in the previous post. This time we have the guys. Since it was sorta like a fishing village, there was a few guys there […]

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Fun at Tanjung Sepat!

Few months back during one of the public holidays, we Siao Gang decided to pay Tangjung Sepat a visit and to take some photos of ourselves hahaha So we drove for.. i think 1-2 hours to Selangor. We drove 2 cars.. cos obviously 1 car cannot fit 9 people lol. So we finally arrived. Actually […]

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Fast5 + Sepat + Duet With RebeccaBlack

It’s another pOpcrap Sunday again yo! Time moves fast when u’re flying like a jeesicks. POPCRAP 1 Went to watch this movie few days ago. I think this has got to be one of the best among all 5 Fast & Furious series. 3rd one was very good as well. Although they didnt showcase many […]

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