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Bora Asmara

On the same day as Fazai’s farewell lunch, we went dinner at Bora Asmara in some kampung area near 1Utama. The place was empty when we arrived lol Some shots of us before food was served. So colourful! Food time! This one damn nice! I drank the whole bowl of tomyam.. damn spicy.. damn hot.. […]

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Stripes on my birthday

A week before my birthday… which was on 14th March.. we had a birthday dinner.. for myself and Rames.. as his birthday was on 5th.. and mine was 21st… so we called up some frens to gather at Flying Chillies, The Gardens… and everyone was only allowed to wear stripes… as the theme for the […]

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TomYam Noodle

wowowow another week gone! so long never post photos taken using my N95… so heres one. For those who wanna buy N95, you can actually wait til end of the year when the Black N95 with 8GB memory is out. Click to SymbianpOp to watch the review video. ——- I suddenly got few things in […]

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