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Port Hercule Jump

So after spying on the cars, I continued my way to the port. Can you see the slope above the restaurants? I was standing there taking photos of the cars in the previous post. From this angle, the restaurants were on my left and beyond the fence on my right, was Port Hercule… the place […]

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Yes, you.

(Photos below taken using Sony A300) OK on the 2nd day of our workshop, we learnt wireless flash portraiture, guided by this famous photographer, Ted Adnan. Ted adviced us on lightings, reflectors, shadows, interacting with models… etc. A great crash course. We never wasted a second when it comes to learning… haha all also tried […]

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Wireless Flash Meal

Part 3: Alpha Convention 08 OK on the 2nd day of the convention, 400 of us were grouped accordingly and every group was sent to a different hall respectively for workshop sessions conducted by the professional photographers. The first one my group got was Ted’s flash lighting portraiture workshop. At about noon, we went for […]

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Alpha Workshop

2 weeks ago I attended a workshop for Sony Alpha users at KLPAC organised by Sony Malaysia. It was a 9 hours thingy and they invited Ron Yue to give a talk for the 1st half of the workshop. Learned a lot from him. ahahah I wanna join the National Geographic team!! NOW NOW NOW!! […]

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Stroll by the sea

Let’s fly back to Langkawi. So after we left that cable car place… we went back to our hotel.. play water in the bathroom… roll left roll right on the queen size bed… and then transform the baju to a new one… and went down to stroll by the sea and also to take some […]

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