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Best is today

Today is best. Best is today. Is today Best. 😀 Went to Starbux, Ikano today with Cherrie, Jenifer, Rames, Joshua, Brandon… to meet up with the other bloggers cos we were supposed to return the Samsung phones today. Then they picked a winner for the phone review contest and they PICKED ME! I won the […]

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To catch or get caught

Last night I was stuck. Thinking which photo to pick from the lion dance event in Astro. Yipseng helped me to speed up the process of deciding. I posted the photo that I do not like at all. I cant let it be there til tonight. I have to post another photo. A photo I […]

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Praying monkey

Final few photos from zoo outing that i feel like sharing.. ehhe some monkeys look sad… some look nasty.. with big bulging red butts n all.. hmm hmm so wild that they have to sleep to control themselves Jenhan climbing tree. Shooting crocodile. Pinkfrog squatting. Shooting Jenhan’s butt. ME lying down. Shooting pinkfrog n jenhan. […]

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OrangUtan Dick

ZOOOOO PART 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thansk Su ann for this photo. We were so nicely taken doing the jump in the Zoo ehhe NOO!! dont look at where the arrow is pointing!!! dont! guess it’s useless. I’m sure u looked at it already. hmm Some of these monkeys really looked like us. I wonder if they […]

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Animals Kissing Ass

the journey to the animaland continues… The professionals always take from their own special angles.. ehem lol (L-R)frog, me, jenhan slowly move slowly move, the turtle moves slowly, furry animals on the groove, smelling ass, so smelly. u have to climb and roll and jump and dive… in order to snap some shy animals. lol […]

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