TapaTapa Tech Bloggers Lunch!

Pt. 1: The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul
Pt. 2: Arriving at La Mola Hotel, Barcelona
Pt. 3: A look around La Mola, Mushroom & Squid
Pt. 4: http://www.smashpop.net/collecting-our-mwc-tag-at-fira-barcelona

So after collecting our tags, we went across the road for lunch. The place was called TapaTapa.

We had stuff like this!

So basically we ordered a lot of these and shared amongst everyone. Tapas? Yes pls.

After lunch, we took a group shot before going separate ways. Everyone had their own agenda to attend to that day.
Just to name a few: Rafe from All About Windows Phone, CJ from UnleashThePhones, Trent from Trentsense.

Jennifer, Trent, Lester and I went for a walk to look at the city.

Super awesome weather. Super unique architectures

Yup.. thanks for reminding me where I was.. Mr. Road



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