Team Building

so after having lunch at that super sucky Sederhana Restaurant..

we went back on the bus.. and this time…

this time….

we can finally get to our hotel…

it was already about 130pm.. means we didnt sleep for about 36 hours already..

the moment we reached Hyatt, we were welcomed with traditional Indonesian dance and were offered free massage… wowee… didnt know we were so the VIP.. lol

and just when we finished our cocktail drinks n massage, the organisor told us that we CANNOT go to our rooms cos we have to start the Team Building activities already.

omg tired can.

we then gathered at the poolside for briefing and grouping activities. (Photo taken by Jeph)

the organisors have prepared 6 different games for us to complete in order to find the clue to open the secret Chest. (Photo taken by Jeph)

then finally.. after 4 hours of running around the hotel and doing all sorts of different stunts.. we were gathered again at the tennis court.. all looking tired… all wanna go to our rooms n sleep.. (Photo taken by Jeph)

this was also where we got our room keys.. and got to know who we r sharing rooms with.

FIIIIINAAAALYYYY… i stepped into my room at 530pm. so tired.. went for shower.. n rested… cos we had to go for dinner already.

How was dinner? AHAHAH .. check back soon



  1. Sophia Harrison

    Team building is really necessary for a very successful implementation of business plans.;~~

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