Tech Ed Briefing

last saturday i went to Microsoft for a short briefing about TechEd… cos i volunteered to help out during the event.

Thanks to food lover who brought us in.. ahah

So early in the morning.. pinkfrog and I arrived and there were no ppl in the office yet.

So we walked around and did stupid things.

This is the only proper foto we had.

how can u resist from takings pics with this kinda lobang lobangs!!! ahha

At the briefing, we were seperated into groups… pinkfrog and I were put in this group of ppl who will be in charged of the True to Life HALO game.

We need guns like this in the game. So i quickly took one n posed.

pinkfrog got himself another gun n we posed again.. lol

after the briefing.. food lover, pinkfrog and I left the office.. but as we were walking past the wall…

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we took another photo.. ahhahhaa

ok bai sleepy d. must sleep


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