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So Techduology‘s 1st LIVE recording happened today at Starbucks TTDI and it was AWESOME!

Ben and I have been doing this weekly tech videocast since last year and we finally managed to pull everything together to organise a LIVE recording!
The turnout was awesome. We actually expected 30-40 people to come and guess what… 80 people came! AMAGAD!

So here are some photos of the event just now.

The 2 hemsem hosts with our new bunting outside of Starbucks.

The crowd. 80 people!!

Just like our weekly video, we had a few segments.. tech news, gadget reviews and app recomendations.. but during the live recording just now, we added guests interviews and games. Look how happy our guests were, Phat Fabes and Chammaine.

Wah.. studying also come ah!? ahaha cos we had gadgets to give out throughout the show.

Sooo many gadgets to give out it was not even funny. Check this out.. we gave out the SONY Xperia S!

We gave out LOTS of toys/gadgets from Geekzen!

We gave out PUMA goodies!

We gave out 2TB HDD from Western Digital!

We gave out Starbucks merchandises!

We also had few rounds of games to get everyone excited and fresh.

I’d say it was a great gathering/show. Turnout was fastastic… free food and drinks for all… gadgets was awesome… everything went smoothly.

We even trended on Twitter! #techduoLIVE was at the No.3 Trending Topic! Woohoo!




  1. TianChad

    Nice one especially all awesome prizes to be won =D Looking forward for next event =)

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