TechEd n WCG

Wassup people! Let’s talk about.. IT related stuff today!

about a week ago, we attended a briefing on TechED in Microsoft office.

We volunteered to help out on the event so… have to go and let them brief us lo.

Rames, Ivan, Cherrie and Jen listening attentively… while I snap continuously.. kachak kachak kachak!

then after the briefing, we were grouped according to our stations… and Chun Wei was the leader of our team.

That’s Chunwei.. sitting between Cherrie and Ivan.

then then then… erm… I left the gang and went to Midvalley.

Was wandering around the mall and then realised WCG(World Cyber Games) competiton was on!

So I took out my alpha and plugged my wide lens and snap away!

and while I was walking around in the hall… I met up with Logicyuan and Derek!

so we grabbed some cosplayers to pose with us in this group shot lol

so there you go…. 2 IT events that are totally not related to each other.

Wassup next?


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