Teppanyaki n KLX

I met a new friend today.

I introduced myself as Jason Goh.

She introduced herself as POPCRAP.

A POPCRAP post is made when I wanna waste time, space and energy to post crap on a Sunday.. or any other day… wow)


Attended KLX today and I was one of the organising committee. Julz and I were the leaders for the red team. lol

More photos from KLX soon… but for now just 1 foto la ok.

Who took this photo?! Why blur? lol (actually I was the one who took it… using WeiNye’s digicam)


Who here loves teppanyaki as much as I do? Say YAKI! LOL (photo taken using my N82)


I recently saw the movie What Happens in Vegas.

It’s actually quite an entertaining movie… but the story was very predictable… biasa la kan?

I rate it 7/10.

Cameron Diaz really got a big mouth.. I think can even see her mouth from the back. lol kidding.

Have you watched this movie?


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