Thaipusam Photoshoot

Some time back in February, Brian and I went for a lil photoshoot at Batu Caves. It was during the Thaipusam festival.

That’s us. 😀

The first thing we saw was this father buying spongebob balloons for his kids. heh.

I guess it was the day when the Indians present offerings to the Gods… most of them seem to be carrying these yoghurt/milk on their head.

The traditional festival music was about to be performed when I arrived… luckily I was there in time.

The sound of the drums filled the whole area… but I dono lah what they were playing.. cos I was busy taking photos ahahahhaah

Those who carry the offerings had to face a challenge… the stairs… before getting into the cave.

What are we waiting for? Let go up! 😀

Check back tomorrow for more photos.




    haha.. bro…
    nice shoot.
    actually wanna ask u, any special technique to snap these type of pics mia?
    coz if u miss the moment d, u cant get it anymore.
    i’m a newbie in photograhy lah.. everytime setting setting, the nice thg or nice moment ord gone.
    any tips, smashpop?


    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah technique? don have wor…

    actually.. its thru experience lo… when u get to a place u roughly know the settings oledi.. so u don waste time changing settings

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