Thank You All


Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes in MSN.

Here’s a screenshot of all the wishes….. but I think I missed out some cos forgot to printscreen lol.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday SMSes… MMSes and

Thanks to everyone who called me up to wish me….. really appreciate it.

Now lets look at some blogs that posted birthday messages to me…. (up until 10am
22 March 2008… cos thats when I did this post.)

Below are blogs which has more content than just the smashpOp birthday poster.

Click on them to view the blogs respectively. (sorry if I missed out anyone… was rushing to do this lol)

and here are the rest of the blogs that posted bday msgs with my birthday poster.

If i missed out your blog… just leave them at the comment box ok .ahahaha 😀

and lastly, thanks to everyone who came to my birthday dinner last night.

Thanks for the presents and cake too 😀



  1. smashin' pOpstar

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