Thanks Everyone in 2007

I was at the cafe 2 days ago when I met a friend and a friend of his… and we then had lunch together.

Both of them read this blog and so we talked about 2007 and

The conversation made me think a while… and realise that I really have to thank each and everyone who had read my blog… and those who are still reading. ahah

They asked me a few questions that I find interesting to share with everyone.

Friend: so seems like you have set many things for some bloggers to follow in the year 2007… like the bar at every post that tells the readers what camera u used to take fotos…

Me: haha it’s not something i do to make ppl folo la… I just feel like letting them know the fotos they r viewing were taken using my dslr or my phone dats all.

Friend: before this, many blogs hav photos… but they were all sized like 480px wide.. some are about 320px even… but now a lot of them started to put big big photos like your blog.

Me: what r u trying to say here? maybe before this they didnt think that bigger photos are necessary leh? Once they saw it, then oni they realise that putting bigger fotos = better lor…

Friend: Has anyone ever commented about the texts you put in your photos? Do you know that since you started putting texts on them, a looooot of blogs also put text in their photos… so do you consider yourself a trend setter in this?

Me: actually… I got the idea from a magazine… so the magazine was the trend setter…. im just the person who… presented the idea to other bloggers. hahahha paiseh

The smashpOp Jump leh? don so humble again can? Before this no people jump in blogs wan lah! I remember wan ok.. I started reading blogs even before you have your… now I see everyone jumping in their blogs. You should teach them to be more creative man, don just folo!

Me: ok la ok la this one i take credit can? ahahah I still remember when I started posting photos of me jumping, readers asked “wow.. how did you do it? you jumped? or you super impose? i cannot jump that high wor.. u sure?”… haha I need to thank those who jumped and linked the jump photos to me. Appreciate it.

Friend: ok lah… lastly… your cute vector characters… I havent seen anyone with characters in their blog yet. I bet someone out there is learning vector now and will come out with a miniature character of themselves soon. What say you?

Me: That I am eager to see. Cannot say them copy la… but then… hmm i dono. lol

———- Thanks to those who jumped and linked to me. Here are 10 random links to the respective blogs. ———–

There are a lot lot lot more blogs of course… but im a bit lazy to copy n paste each and every blog url… so ya.. 10 enough la kan. hahaha

Thanks again to everyone who considered an inspiration to you. ahhaha


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