The 4 Challenges

(photos in this post were taken by me, Jepf and Ijan)

The next day, we woke up early to have breakfast.

all looked blur ahahhaa

and after breakfast, we went for the team building talk… which took about 2 hours…

then it was fun time!

we were all divided into 4 groups and each must go thru 4 rounds of challenges.

we drew our own team flag and off we went!

round 1… we had to transport “acid from planet plutonium” from one spot to another by using only strings and rubber band…. the water tubes will then transferred by a blindfolded teammate to a designated spot.

upon completing the first challenge, we quickly ran to the beach for our next one.

Here we had to fill sea water into hollow cylinders and transfer the water from one tube to another and lastly into a pail.

running in the water up n down n up n down n up n own n up n down n up n down is not easy.. so we took turns

it took us about 20 minutes.. and we were done!

so happy can! 2 down… 2 more to go! ahahhaha

after resting, we ran to the 3rd checkpoint.

Can anyone guess what challenge was next? 😀


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