The All New 2012

Hey all! It’s the new yo! New header design, new colours and there will be new sections added soon.
#If you can’t view the new design, please hard refresh or clear cache on your browser. 😀 #

For now, let’s say goodbye to the older design which has been around for the past 2 YEARS!

This was the design I did 2 years ago to bring back the illustrations I did back in 2011. The whole idea was to bring comical fun to the blog.

The new one that you are seeing now is meant to show more maturity, yet funky and artsy at the same time. As with all previous designs, is always in style and embrace border-less imagination.

Wonder how long this design will stay until I have time to produce a new one. Lol. Enjoy and visit daily for awesome stuff! 😀



  1. simonso

    design all lah!

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    reply all lah!

  2. CleverMunkey

    It’s so purpleeeee…. haha… nice one dude! 🙂

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    thanks bro!

  3. CindyC

    so cool lah

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    thanks ah Cindy!

  4. Michael Hell

    that’s a sweet sweet design Jason, congrats 🙂

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    Thanks bro!!

  5. taufulou

    nicee.. really a huge different.. like the new header~

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    thanks a lot bro! see you soon 😀

  6. Ian

    More fresh kinda look! Funkier too! Keep it up!

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    thanks mate!

  7. Tallboyz

    I saw tummy! lol!

    Awesome design! 🙂

  8. James Whatley


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    *Like* your comment.

  9. George Lim

    Wow a new look! Looking forward for more great posts from you! 🙂

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    thanks for reading my blog!

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