The City Glows

After attending the MIFA fashion show, Jen, Adrian and I met up with Junn for dinner.

Then we decided to go to the LookOut Point at Hulu Klang. Jacklyn and Loh joined us.

The view from there is superb. The whole KL City is in view with KLCC and KL Tower in the middle.

Super nice scene…. ahhhhhhh

after we got enough photos to fill up our memory cards, we went down to the hillside cafe to have a drink while enjoying the cool breeze and the great scenery.

the place was too dark for photos if we dont use flash… but luckily before going to LookOut point, i got myself a 50mm 1.7 lens so shooting at lowlight conditions is no problem

wanna see the beautiful KL scene again?

Here you go.



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