The Conqueror

ok putrajaya part 2.

another foto of the overhyped bridge. It’s actually quite a small bridge that is not very hebat. lol

me posing of course! haha

this is jen. she is a girl. she wanted to pose too!

then we heard police siren.

weeeeeee woooooooo weeeeeeeeee wooooooooo weeeeeeeee woooooooooo

a police patrol car was parked at the side of the bridge warning us not to park our cars at the side of the road.

so we quickly left the bridge and came here.

this one is legal carpark ok! police come also we not sked ok!.. ya anyways.. this is where ppl usually park when they wanna have a walk on the super wide streets next to super big buildings.

again Kelli got an idea of posing on the ground. haha.. she then called cheryl, jen and cherrie to join her

while they were camhoring.. I went away to take some photos with Caxton.

here’s one

more pics soon!



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