The Dinner At RAMA V

So my ex colleague Richard just got married few months ago with Sun Yi and they had a wedding dinner at RAMA V, Jalan Tun Razak. It was a Thai fine dining restaurant.

When I got there most of them were outside here taking photos so I also joined them ahah

A shot with Richard before he gets busy.

We then went inside and our seats were all marked with names. Here’s mine.

OK camho a bit by myself and off I went to take photos with the rest of them at the table.

Aster, Miimo, Sookrong, Eesze, Irene

Shukri, Alvin, Irene, Pohny, Aiyee.

HUNGRY! Tidbids pun I sapu finish LOL


Scariest episode I have ever done. WATCH and you will know why.


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