The EPIConcert at Publika Square

Great Sunday! Spent the afternoon with some awesome people at The EPIConcert at Publika Square. It was actually a charity event with band performances with 90’s as the theme.

Here are some photos from the event today. MORE COMING SOON!

I arrived 30 after the event started.. didnt miss much EXCEPT the performance by DECIMAL! They were one of the earliest bands to perform.

Advertlets was part of the organizers and here we are! Good looking bloggers in black and purple.. lol

Hung out with King for a while.. he explained the whole event to me as I was a bit blur on what the event was about lol. Oh thanks for the invitation btw.

Throughout the whole 3 hours there was back to back performances by local bands.. awesome stuff.

Managed to say hi and take a photo with the guys from Decimal.

Ewin also performed his super yoyo tricks. Everyone there was so impressed they kept clapping and cheering.. FUAH!

There were more photos of many many people I met but since this is just a summary post… MORE PHOTOS & VIDEOS SOON!



  1. Dila Ariff

    Wah, I just realized everyone was in black and purple and I sesat there in grey -.-

  2. tcmaine

    yeah, I’m in white, worst! 🙁

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