The Flight To London [video]

So back in July I was invited by Windows Live to go on a trip to London to experience the Premiere Screening of Harry Potter’s last movie. IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME TRIP!

Windows Live actually held a contest and they engaged 1 blogger in each country (Malaysia, Thailand, The Phillipines and Singapore) to promote the contest whereby they select 1 winner from each country to go to London. They were generous enough to invite the respective bloggers along too.

Now let’s take a look at the entire trip starting with these photos.

I had to take a flight from KLIA to Singapore to meet the rest of the people before we embark on our journey to London. I took this flight with Yean Ching, the winner from Malaysia.

Waiting to board the plane. Posed a bit. Taken using the front camera on the iPhone lol

After an hour flight, we arrived at Singapore airport and met up with the rest of the bloggers+winners there. Yean Ching and I took a few photos before meeting them.

It was my first time going on an Airbus A380 under Singapore Airlines. It’s their biggest aircraft!

I was glad they had USB ports so I could use my phone to play games while charging it in that 13 hours flight.

Daphne (Singapore blogger) and Justin (Singapore winner) were sitting same row as me.

More photos and videos next! For now, please watch this video below of us at Singapore airport and also some funny stuff in the plane


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