The Food Attacks!

This is the continuation post of food testing at Amuleto.

After the fashion show, we were seated and the food was served… one by one we took photos and tested them…

The manager was always around to hear our thoughts and opinions.

First up, the soup. RM12.

For appetizer we had this Tango Prawn. RM14.

It was the first time I faced jumping fried fishes. lol Damn tasty. RM12.

This was actually one of the best we’ve tried that night. RM18.

For entree we first had the fried potato and rosti mushroom.. photos not here. then we had the super big lamb shank.

The 4 of us shared this. Super filling. Super full. RM35.

Lastly, the dessert. We couldn’t finish it cos we were too full… but it was very nice.. can really taste the red bean and green tea. RM12.

Thats all… thanks Amuleto!



  1. Grace

    oh nice nice photographs, super pro

    those impaled fish look scary D: i could go for some of that green tea tiramisu with red bean on top though

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks grace. they do look scary. but when i put them in my mouth i was shocked. lol. crunchy!

    Grace Replies:

    haha shocked in a good way I hope!

  2. BooNMiNG

    hey!! nice shots!! by the way where are you flying to?? lol

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah check my latest post 😀

  3. annna

    wah.. nice pichas! they have nice food presentation. I like the jumping fish the most. So coooool!!

    smashpOp Replies:

    cool rite! a bit scary at first sight ahah

  4. HungryJoe

    Please enlighten me… how is mutton a vegetarian dish? Is that fake/mock meat made of soya? Does it taste like chicken?

  5. Jake Howard

    The shots were all cool but the one that catches my attention is the Shisamo Fried Fish. It looks great and it is well design though.

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