The Inaugural Flight To Hatyai

So back in August, Air Asia launched their flight from KL to Hatyai and they invited a few bloggers to experience the inaugural KUL-Hatyai flight there.

The journey started when I arrived at LCCT and met up with people I did not know… except 1. haha. Was welcomed by the Air Asia crew and was given a goodie bag. I felt like a VIP already! ahahaha

After checking in, we went to the departure hall to mingle and to board the plane. The 4 invited bloggers are: Me (Malaysia), Adrian (Singapore), Jian (Malaysia) and Iska (Indonesia).

Took some photos as well. Hello ladies.:D

Adrian and Niza in some serious talk.

The 4 of us then boarded the plane… fuh the aircond damn hebat… condensation caused the whole plane to look smoky.

I love flight meals. no matter which flight, what food… as long as its flight meal 😀

Come to bed with us tomorrow for more photos and videos 😀



  1. day-dreamer

    LOL @ the last pic! 😛

  2. kucing dengan tikus

    hahaha I LOLed at the pic of Adrian and Niza XD


    yes, very creative indeed. Hilarious but love the photo blog. 🙂

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