The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul

So back in February I was invited by Nokia to attend the Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona. The journey started with me flying from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul and then transit to Barcelona.

So as usual, I arrived at the airport quite early, so I was sitting waiting for time to pass.

The flight was at 1230 midnight. Amazing. Havent taken a midnight flight before.

Travelling can be sad.. no one to talk to.. no one to share happiness with.. but the excitement awaits!

The flight form KL to Istanbul took 11 hours. Love the 2 meals they served and the slew of entertainment they had on the console.

Made friends with the person next to me. He and his family were from Taiwan!

After a looooooooong 11-hour flight, we finally arrived at Istanbul, Turkey!

The airport was actually quite big

It was my first time stepping into Turkey!




  1. George Lim

    Cool mate! Was waiting for quite long to see this trip posts. 🙂

  2. simonso

    go all lah dont come back!

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