The Mission in Tioman

Have you watched the Col Moschin trailer I made for yesterday’s post? If not… watch now la.. ehheheh

OK So ORIS organised a media trip to Tioman Island last week to witness the launch of the Col Moschin watch which only has 2000 pieces in the whole wide world.

All media gathered at Subang Airport before departing to Tioman. Collected platoon colour wristbands and got the mission brief documents from ORIS crew.

Berjaya Air was the only airline that flies to the island.

We arrived at Berjaya Beach Resort and was welcomed with more people wearing army outfits! It’s in conjunction of the ORIS Col Moschin watch which was originally made for the Italian army.

We were welcomed and briefed on what we were supposed to do the whole day and collected our room keys. We were matched with random roomates!

Gathered for lunch at about 1pm. Buffet lunch.

We were all asked to sit according to our platoons. After lunch, our first mission was to draw our flag.

First task: Building a raft! We had to build, paddle ourselves to the middle of the sea and come back to the beach within a limited time. FUAH. First time I did this. Was so excited LOL

All the teams took turns to complete all the tasks. Our second one was the MINESWEEPER! Watch out for bombs!




  1. Wilson Ng

    My team is the fastest for this 2 games. 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:


  2. ewinEE

    wah damn nice lah ur video, surely take damn long to edit wan right.. i also wanna play videoooo

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