The Peak of Hatyai

After our first breakfast in Hatyai, we took a cab and the driver drove us up the hill. We weren’t sure where he was bringing us but it’s a tourist spot, according to him.. so ok lorrrr

We went up the hill. They had a very big Buddha statue at the peak and a Kuan Yin statue halfway up. We could see the WHOLEEEEEEEEE Hatyai from here. Woot!

Hello Buddha.. (erm.. it’s Buddha rite?.. >.<)

Hello Hemsem..

Some shots from the temple

Remember this shot? I had a shot like this before from Hongkong..

Ding dong bell.

Caught Adrian posing looking at Hatyai.

Last shot from the temple! Some birds caught in cages.

Now that we have gone UP, we went to the WATER next. Stay tuneddddddd.



  1. Mohan

    I love the bird’s pictures..awesome

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks mate

  2. ewinEE

    hatyai faster CNY haha.
    eh nice pics eh the bird cage. lol

    smashpOp Replies:

    after hatyai still got many [email protected]!ahahah

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