The Rattan Chair

yay.. starhill photos r back. hehe

after the classy area, we walked about n landed at this place with a very big white wall.

pOp: wah wha wha look! white wall!!!(jumping up n down)

rames: omg..

jen: wait what! faster take picture.. hehehe v^.^v

after a few shots… jen saw a rattan chair at one corner(about 10 steps away).. she quickly ran there n pulled it to the white wall area with rames.

jen: take with this chair.. nicer.. hehehe v^.^v

pOp: okok.. -_-”

i think this is one of the best shots taken in front of the white wall.

i like! ahha ppl in my msn probably seen this in my display picture since 2 weeks ago d.. 😛

lifting the rattan chair? what a pose.

another happy happy picture.. taken using tripod 🙂



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