The RedBox Gang

2 weeks ago… we went to RedBox at 11am. (what? went singing so early in the morning?)


Anyways… guess what happened when Jed started dominating the microphone..

Junn rather hide under his jacket. ahahahha

Jen complained to her mum in Ipoh… cos Jed didnt let her sing…

Sylvia… well… she blur as always..

Hikaru was so dying to sing that song by MUSE but no chance…

Jenni was almost asleep.. and lollipop was busy posing for the camera…

and for me? I spent 3 hours there taking photos of Jed singing.


okok the story above was made up just for fun.. JEd! don angry k. 😀

actually everyone sang and everyone enjoyed ok..

and finally before we left..

A group shot


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