The search for lunch in Barcelona

As Lester and I were the earliest 2 to arrive, we went for a walk after checking in to the hotel.

We were hungry and without thinking of what to eat, both were thinking of the same thing, ‘let’s check out their McDonalds!’.

We took the subway to the city. That’s Lester checking out maps on this phone.

Me posing while waiting for the train to come.

So now we know, it’s called TMB.

As we came out from the station, we saw Starbucks! lol

The Mcdonald’s was near. Took us a few minutes walk. Weather was awesome. Sky so blue wow!

The Mcdonald’s menu. So diff from Asia. LOVE IT!

After eating, it was time to go for a walk again. Check out the HD view of the street!

More photos next.


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